You might not know this but I have started my designing career by re-designing all sorts of denim clothing items at the age of 12. It was the time when ripped jeans come into fashion in the early 2000 and they were so pricey that my family could never afford them. Instead, I got some second hand denim jeans from my granny and my creativity to play around with them.

I started re-designing these jeans by painting, cuting, distressing, studding and bleaching.

I found much joy in it and more importantly a passion which lasts for years to come.

Denim is the most timeless, ever lasting fashion item, which is versatile and durable, making it to one of our most long lasting clothing items. I have been

re-designing denim jackets, skirts, jeans since 2004 and now I am offering my services to you, to let me give a new life to your old or unwanted jeans. Don`t throw it away, send it to me, and let me transform it to you to something amazing!

Feel free to get in touch with me, re-designing prices are starting from only £10 or have a look on my selection of ready made designs available for you to purchase them now.