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Clothing for your Heart and Soul

This is a hectic world we are living in. The clothing what we wear everyday should be just like a summer bliss, something to take your mind away from everything, even If it just for a minute. It can help you feel better, happier and more empowered than ever. You can step outside of your comfort zone and see yourself in a different way just by wearing something that makes you feel special.

Just think, why is it that many people go shopping when they feel sad, heartbroken, lost or let down?


A piece of unique clothing can make wonders, therefore never underestimate the power of it. The love of beautiful handmade clothing can really lift up your soul by giving you the comfort and pamper what we all deserve. This is what I do as a designer, I create beautiful clothing for your soul, to feed your inner beauty and confidence. Beauty from inside and out.


who made my clothing?

I, Simonetta, personally create all your bespoke and made to measure orders, I do not give it out to other people or seamstress to make it. Everything you can see in my collections were made by me in London. I only work with seasmtresses, when I have bulk orders for retailers to ship, in this case I have a handfull of seamstresses around London, to whom I personally show and teach how each garment has to be made to perfection.

My hands are on the whole process.

The only exception is the Fashionable Art Collection, as I am using an USA based company to help me print my clothing and fabric with my own handpainted artworks.

I also don`t keep unnecessary stock, therefore all items are made after your order. Only make and sell, what is needed. I say no to extra stock to reduce the waste of fashion which might land on landfills. Although this means you can not jump into your new fashion item the very next day, but for your patient our planet will be grateful. Make a more sustainable choice today and choose slow fashion.


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