A truly unique Face cover, which is a super chic and soft scarf and a protective comfy face mask in the same time
The 3 layered face mask is built inside the scarf so it can be the part of your everyday look, you won't have to worry about forgetting your mask at home again. 
* Washable and reusable! Don't forget to wash your mask before using❗ 
* 3 layers soft cotton plus 1 layer  Georgette Scarf
* Has a filter pocket 
* Sew in elastic at nose to make it more fitted 
* All materials are from England * Made in London 
* Free UK Shipping ❗ 
* Choose your closure type (standard around ears as pictured, around head or leave the elastic open and longer so you can tie it as you wish) 
* Custom requests are welcomed ❤️
* Please note, these masks were not made for medical use and can not provide the same protection as a medically approved one 
* For more protection, pull the elastic strings to make it more fitted and tie a knot on it if you think it's to loose for you.

Mustard Dalmatian Scarf Mask