Amazing one off created corset from vintage denims! Yes, you read right, made from vintage denim jeans! I have taken apart the jeans and let it reborn as your new favourite denim corset.These designs are all one offs, as they are all made from vintage items, but I am always able to make new similar products from newly sourced vintage denims or even use your own pair of undesired jeans to give them a new life. Contact me for any new redesigned bespoke order. corset can fit an UK size 8-10 with a waist line of 30 inches. It has 9 plastic corset bones in it, a front zip opening, two side pockets on the breasts and two tiny side pocket remaining  from the front jean pockets. For the creation of this corset I used up 90% of the original jeans.Reworked items are the best choice to reduce our fashion waste and go green with our every day fashion choices.Denim jeans were from my home country, Hungary, and recreated in London by me.

Re-Designed Denim Corset from Vintage Jeans