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Rent The Look

Working together with Our Closet, from now on you can enjoy renting out the designer items, which RRP price are above £200. Pieces rent for roughly 20% of the purchase price!

Our Closet gives women the chance to rent a gorgeous designer piece for a fraction of the retail price, because sometimes once we have that one perfect pic in a killer outfit for Insta we can’t wear it again!

Our Closet wants us all to cut down on the fast fashion we’re buying then throwing away which is going straight to landfill. I want women, before they buy a new outfit, to think:

- will I wear this again?
- would someone else want to wear this?
- for this price, could I rent something from my favourite luxury designer instead?

Rent out clothes for your special event, birthday, photoshoot, videoshoot or just for a day out in town.

So go ahead and enjoy renting out My Designer Closet

Renting prices starts at ONLY £44 for a 4 days rental!

Click on the picture to direct you to the product site

Peony Dress, Can fit many Sizes from UK6 to UK14, 4 days Rental from £48.4

Lilac Swan Dress

Size UK6-8, 4 days Rental from £77

Tulip Dress

Size UK10, 4 days Rental from £77

Peacock Gown

Peacock Dress

Size UK8, 4 days Rental from £209


Blue Peacock Coat

Size UK8-10-12, 4 days Rental from £55

Green Peacock Coat

Size UK8-10-12 , 4 days Rental from £55


Pink Peacock Coat

Size UK10-12-14, 4 day Rental from £55

LUX Baroque Queen Coat

Size UK8-10-12, 4 day Rental from £71.5

Gold Goddes Dress

Size UK10, 4 days Rental from £187

Tenerife Dress

Size UK6-8-10, 4 days Rental from £44

Amethyst Set

Size UK6-8-10, 4 days Rental from £66

Black Dress

Size UK8, 4 days Rental from £55