Last One!!! A size UK8-10. Beautiful shimmering neon lines print decorated blue-pink-lilac brocade jacket. The casual denim jacket silhouette made from luxurious materials. Has 4 pockets on the front, antique gold button fastening, 6 decorative metallic zippers. The zippers are interesting design elements, allowing you to play with different look ideas, such as opening the shoulders or arms or even both. Wear it with zippers up or down. If you feel warm, just get your hands out of the arm opening zipper and make a statement. Special, creative, unique and luxurious design, created for you handmade in London, paying fair wages for the workers.

Support slow fashion.

We have one design in stock ready for immediate shipping. It is a size UK6-8. All other orders are made after your order to your exact size. We don`t keep big stocks as we only sell designs which are going to their new home, reducing the unnecessary waste of fashion. If you have any questions and need some help, don`t hesitate to email us.

Bespoke orders are welcomed.

Handcrafted in London with 8 hours of human work.


Neon Lines Brocade Jacket

£150.00 Regular Price
£75.00Sale Price
  • We recommend either hand wash or dry cleaning, although carefully can be washed in washing machine up to 30 degree.


    Can be ironed up to medium level or silk level. Please, use teflon on your iron If possible.


    Please take extra care of this item

  • Returns are not accepted, If:

    Your Item was a made to measure design

    It Was recreated in a different colour for you order


    Returns and refund options are available If:


    • We sent out the wrong size
    • We sent out the wrong design
    • The item is in unharmed condition
    • The posting date was no longer than two weeks before


    As we quality check each item we post and keep photographic documents of each in house made designs, therefore mistakes in the product are not likely to happen. If you think your item was poorly made and had issues, please contact us first and provide pictures and description of the item and of the issues.