Dear fashion friends, I am Szimonetta, designer and founder of Simonetta Sabo. I am about to share my story and some tiny secrets behind my designing process by answering some questions I got from you over  the years. So, if you are curious to get to know the person behind the brand, This is the page you were looking for. 




















1. When did you started designing? 
I have been designing professionally since 2013, although It has been the part of my whole life.
I was only a child in kindergarten when I started wearing my own designs. My grandmother's sister was a dressmaker and she always had plenty of beautiful fabrics which I adored. She was sewing a lot of baby clothes for me and once I become a slightly bit bigger (around 4 years old) I started picking out the fabrics, I made drawings of clothes I wanted to wear and she sewed them for me. Meanwhile my granny was taking care of sewing fashionable clothes for my Barbie dolls after my drawings and orders. 

I think this is where It all began. 

2. Where did you learnt fashion designing?
As I had no fashion schools near my town, my mom got a teacher to help me learn the basics of sewing and I took all the fashion history related books out from the local library. This is how I started. After graduating from an art specialised school, where I learnt as a painteur, I finished an NVQ course of Fashion and Styling in Hungary, meanwhile I spent a summer in the UK working for a fashion designer to get some more insights into the industry. After graduation I moved to London in 2012, where I got a job as a wedding dress maker, which allowed me to learn all the technical skills needed to create and sew luxury garments. Meanwhile I attended to several online courses and I had an Advanced Diploma from Fashion Designing. 
Mostly I was learning everything by experience. I had a lot of unpaid assistant jobs to learn more and I was trying to do as many smaller fashion shows and photoshoots as I could. I jumped into the business immediately and I learnt everything along the journey. 

3. Where do you get your inspiration from?
This is always a tricky question for me as I usually don't have exact inspirations, like being inspired by a decade or something. 
Most of the times I got inspired by fabrics. I frequently do fabric shopping trips and If something catches my eyes I buy it immediately and I start it from there. I let the fabric to talk to me. Another weird way how I get inspirations is getting them from my dreams. May sounds strange but I do dream with dresses a lot of times, designs which I created in my dreams, and then when I wake up I need to sketch those designs quickly before I forget it. 

4. Is there anyone who had influence on your designs?
I don't think so. I don't really think about anyone or anything meanwhile designing so I can't not really say that anyone influences my designing process, although unconsciously It might happen. I only think about what I would love to wear, hoping that someone else would like it too.

5. Who is your customer?

My customer is someone who is looking for something special but wearable to their every day look. Someone, who care about how their products were made, what story they tell and respect slow hand made clothes. The fashionista, who does not want to blend into the crowd and bold and bright enough to wear something extravagant.

Simonetta Sabo (1).jpg

6. Where do you get your fabrics from?
From many many sources. Fabric shops from London and Hungary, online sources. I have some UK suppliers for silks and satins who can assure they are able to reorder the fabrics. 

7. How do you describe your designs? 
My designs are always very daring. Very extravagant, quirky,  interesting, meanwhile they are still wearable and very versatile. You can combine any of my crazy looks with a more simple clothing item and you get a ready to go daytime look.  They are also feminine and romantic. Nothing is simple, boring or cliché. They are all unique wearable art pieces. 

8. How do you describe yourself as a designer?
As a designer I love experimenting. I like trying out new techniques, technologies, styles, shapes and colours. I always let my creativity to flow, sometimes I let it flow too high, so sometimes I need someone to drag me down to see my designs from a different prospective to make them less theatrical but more commercial. 
I am always open to experiment with new ideas for styling and photoshooting. I want to hear other people's honest opinion to develop myself, I am quite extrovert in that terms. I also like thinking forward and breaking boundaries.


9. Who is making your clothes?
All of the sample pieces are made by me in London. Every made to measure orders and small capacity orders are made either by me or one other highly experienced seamstress in London. Wholesale orders are made in Hungary, where we have a proficient workstudio in my hometown. 

The Fashionable Art Collection is created through a partner company, who although produce their items in China, but they support slow made to order fair fashion.

10. What is your favourite technique?
I love draping. Until 2017 I didn't even know I knew it. It always seemed so difficult but once I took my courage and started it, it become so easy and understandable. I love how a simple piece of fabric can be turned in to something so spectacular, interesting and complicated looking. There are never two completely same items made and It is always a surprise what It is going to be at the end. When I drape, I never design before, I never sketch anything, I just let the fabric to show me how to treat it, how to use it, I let the magic to be born without forcing it. 


If you have any more questions you want me to answer, feel free to drop me an email and I might feature it here with my answers. I hope you enjoyed this tiny insight to my wonderous world of fashion.