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Meet My Team

Yes, It`s Me, Myself and I :)

Let`s have a look on how I work

Small Business Support

Even If you can not afford to buy from a small business at the moment, there are many other ways to support them.


  • Follow them on social media

  • Share their work on social media, maybe some of your friends are interested

  • Like, Comment and Follow them

  • Talk about them to friends and family

How do I do my photoshoots alone?

I get this question many time when people realise that I do my photo shooting all by myself in our tiny flat.
Here is my secret.
I have to move some of my furniture to make space for my basic photography studio kit. I have my own stand and pink packdrop, which needs to be ironed before every single shoot. Then I have to place it over the stand, fixing it with some pins. This is ready, good, then let`s set up the lights. I have 1 or 2 big bulb photography lights. As my backdrop is facing our window, the amount lights I have to use depends from the current natural light.
Then I get ready for shooting :) Make up, hair, wigs, clothing, and my most important little gadget, my phone remote controller/shutter, which I use to take my own pictures on my phone.
Many times I have to show my arms, so I can not actually hold the remote controller, therefore I have to use my feet toes to take those awsome pictures of myself :D
Voila, this is my secret.

Do you want to see how I make a dress from start to finish? Well, here you can :)

Of course this video is speeded up and cut short, the actual work proccess of this dress was 9 hours.
As I do have limited space, I have to work on the floor many times, but I can assure everyone that the floor is always cleaned before I place my fabric on it :) Besides, no one is allowed in with their shoes on!

Have a look on this process in two videos, Part 1 and Part2


Let me show you how I work :)

If you wish to see more behind the scenes and making videos, follow me on TikTok, where I post regularly
Find me as @simonetta_sabo_fashion

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