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We all are unique, we all have different body shapes and sizes, and we might all have some issues finding a dress that fits like a glove. All of my dresses are constructed carefully to your exact measurements, to make sure it embraces your body, highlights your favourite features and shows all your curves the right way. Have a look on all the dresses and styles I can create and let me know which one you would like to be made in your size, or which one you would like to be customised to your needs or simply just request a custom one, designed only for you. Prices, shown are the basic prices of the design. When you require it from a differen material and colours the price might change. If you provide me with a budget, I can make sure the final design is within your budget.

Custom design orders have to placed a minimum of 4 weeks before your big day.

Don`t hesitate to contact with any questions.