Amazing Recycled Sustainable Designs made out of Crisps Packages!


The Story Behind the Idea

In 2010 I started my fashion design studies in Hungary where we had a project of creating designs out of trash. In my first year, I ended up using bottle caps to create corsets, which were a big success, even bringing me an award in my county for the best costume design.

I immediately started planning my recycled designs for the following year. I have got this idea by being fed up throwing away so much crips package wastes as at the time my boyfriend was eating a LOT! I felt terrible throwing them away, therefore I decided I am going to try to use these packages for my next sustainable design. I loved the shininess and metallic texture of the packages.

At the time, Lady Gaga was still a rising start and she had the boldest fashion choices and many times she was wearing metallic, silver shades. I though to myself, oh that really looks like it was made of Crisps packages, I could do that! So, I did try to experiment creating designs that were like what Lady Gaga was wearing at a time, but instead of fabrics, I was using Crisps Packages.

My journey has begun at that moment. With my first ever crisps package creation I won the Best Costume Award again and I have been perfecting this technique ever since then, to be able to make it affordable and wearable for a wider audience and I have still been dreaming about the moment, when I finally could present my designs for my Muse :)